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Meet Our Chef in heels 

Chef Emma. She has traveled the world to learn many diffrent flavors and cuisines. These hand made fresh spices are a results of her journey around the world of taste.

She really does cook in heels !


Transform your ordinary meals into extraordinary cuisines, one spoonful of sauce at a time. Our Marinating Sauce serves as your base and primary ingredient for every food preparation. It makes cooking, grilling, and baking easier. The Science to the Perfect recipe has an abundance of vitamins A, C, and K which are vital in our body and immune system.

Take a break from your old seasonings and excite your taste buds by trying our Marinating Sauce. It not only adds moisture to your dish, but it can also immensely enhance the flavor of your favorite meal. Aside from making your foods delicious, you are also minimizing the use of other ingredients which speed up your cooking time.The Science to the Perfect Recipe and stress-free. 

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